[A002]: Files
File can be dangerous because you might not know what it contains. If you run a script a random user gives you in Discord, it could expose your domain or running a "game" could also expose your token and when your token is exposed the person who has your domain can use your account without email or password.

What do I do when my token is leaked?

  • Reset your Password.
  • Report the user to discord at dis.gd/report.
  • Block the User.
  • Tell your friends and mutual Server Moderators.

How do I prevent this?

  • You should use some software to detect if there is any malicious code in that file that could lead to your PC being compromised.
  • Don't run scripts or anything that you don't trust.
  • Don't download files from places you can't trust.
  • Don't use scripts from YouTube Videos.
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What do I do when my token is leaked?
How do I prevent this?